Online Lottery Growth Drives Record Jackpots

June 6, 2012

Those who follow the world of international lotto have certainly noticed an undeniable trend lately:  Lotto jackpots just keep getting larger and larger.

What’s behind this record growth?  It can be difficult to tease out specific causes in such a complex system.  Some might argue that the global economic downturn has driven more and more people to play the lotto in the hopes of dramatically reversing their situation.  Another common argument is that the growth of interstate and inter-country lotteries, where several independent jurisdictions pool their players and prize money to create massive jackpots, have contributed to the record-breaking numbers lotto players are seeing as of late.

Both arguments have merit, but there’s another factor at work that might not be the first guess of all observers:  The growth of online lottery purchases.

While numbers for the industry are not readily available, it’s simple logic that when players have access to any lotto worldwide available online, participation in lotteries will grow.   This is especially true for “mega-lotteries” with jackpots in the tens of millions of dollars (or euros) that draw in players who don’t normally make the lottery a part of their spending habits.  With more interest comes more ticket sales, with more ticket sales comes a bigger jackpot, and that bigger jackpot creates more interest again, starting the cycle all over back from the start.

Safe, secure lotto from third-party delivery services is now available, meaning players from the US can take a crack at the Spanish Lottery, players from Australia can buy tickets for US Powerball jackpots, and so on.  These services have basically opened up an entirely new market for individual lotteries, allowing their prize pools to swell with a river of entries that were simply not feasible in the pre-internet lotto days.

In addition to third-party services, more and more lotteries are officially moving online.  This trend is sweeping the US and Europe, as states hope to leverage the Internet to further increase the exposure and popularity of their lotteries.  The end result will likely be even more partnerships that create larger and larger jackpots – and a far greater pool of customers overall for the combined prize.

As with any new medium for gambling, there are challenges facing online lotto.  Players will need to do a bit more research and investigation before simply jumping in – after all, it’s a far cry from buying a few tickets from the machine at your corner store.  With the proper precautions, however, we can conclude that online lotto will be a safe and secure avenue for driving lotto jackpots ever higher.


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