Win When You Lose With Bad Beat Jackpots

March 14, 2012

Poker wouldn’t be poker without bad beats.  That’s just a fact.  What’s even less in dispute is how much poker players hate bad beats.  That hatred is the logic behind Bad Beat Jackpots, which are promotions that reward players for doing what they hate to do the most –  take a bad beat.

Featured Online Poker Bad Beat Jackpot: Lock Poker

At Lock Poker (get a Lock Poker bonus code) you just need to get four of a kind 7′s or better beat to trigger the bad beat jackpot. You must be in a real money game and use both your hole cards to trigger the jackpot. To learn more about Lock Poker, visit the site or read a review of Lock Poker.

Bad Beats are a part of poker

Winning at PokerLike it or not, there wouldn’t be much to poker without bad beats.  If terrible players couldn’t come from behind to win on the river, or if tight players never tilted when they lost with aces all in preflop, poker wouldn’t have much gamble to it. 

While that’s all well and good, it’s also cold comfort when you are on the receiving end of the bad beat.  It’s especially painful in a hand where there’s a lot of money in the middle, or when you’re playing for your tournament life.

You won’t win a bad beat jackpot for every bad beat you take, but hitting even one can really put a better shine on bad beats for the remainder of your poker career.

Bad Beat Jackpots ease the pain

That’s because Bad Beat Jackpots can be worth hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  For most players, that’s enough money to make losing with aces something you could tolerate for the rest of your days.

The people who take the beat and give the beat get the most money, but generally everyone who is dealt in on the hand gets some share of the jackpot.



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